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South Florida Homeowners Insurance – Why You Need It

South Florida homeowners insurance in most cases, is not a choice, it is a requirement if you are paying a mortgage. However, even if you completely own your home in South Florida, you still want to consider the risk you are taking without the coverage and piece-of-mind that homeowners insurance provides to homeowners. When you weigh the risks against the cost of maintaining South Florida homeowners insurance, you will agree with us that it is better to have it than to be caught without it.

What Does South Florida Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Your south Florida homeowners insurance coverage is going to depend on the policy that you select. For example, a basic policy will simply cover the dwelling. In other words, a basic policy will cover the structure of your house, as well as other structures, like the garage, that is attached to it. According to, if there is a fire or a severe storm (tornados and hurricanes may or may not be covered), your policy will pay you for the damages. More intricate policies will cover dwellings which are not attached to your home, like a shed, an unattached garage, boundaries, fencing, etc.

Then, there are South Florida homeowners insurance benefits that cover your personal property, whether inside or outside of the home, if damage or loss occurs. A Loss of Use policy, which is another example of a homeowners insurance policy will reimburse you any costs that you incur if your property becomes uninhabitable due to any of the losses that your insurance policy covers. If someone gets hurt or injured on your property and decides to sue you for liability, and you have Personal Liability Insurance, you will be protected and financially covered. Then, if medical payments are involved in the lawsuit because a third party is injured on your property, this type of coverage is also available.

What Is NOT Covered?

You should also be aware of what is not covered by your South Florida homeowners insurance policy. Most insurance policies do not cover water damage that occurs to a home, nor do they cover mold damage, which can be extremely expensive to repair, and the longer they go on untreated, the worse the damage can become. Therefore, if you have water or mold issues in your home, you will want to hurry up and take care of the problem, because you will not be able to count on your South Florida homeowners insurance to reimburse you for any expenses that you incur from water or mold damage to your home.

Read your South Florida homeowners insurance policy carefully when you get the paperwork and ask your insurance agent any questions that you may have. This way, you will fully understand which types of coverage you have and which parts of your home and land will be covered when problems or accidents occur on your property.

Where can I get Homeowners Insurance in South Florida?

With today’s internet, obtaining Homeowners insurance in Florida is easy. Simply visit a website online and get a free quote from every available company or you can visit each individual company and get a quote from each one.