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Why do I Need Renters insurance in Florida?

What are the consequences of not purchasing renters insurance in Florida? One word : Theft. I’ve known many people in college go through this experience. Not only in college dorms but apartments as well. You leave to go on vacation or for summer break, and come to chaos. The tv is gone, laptops are missing, and all other personal items were stolen. And each person was left to deal with the costs of replacing their items.

Renters coverage does just that. It helps cover you against costs for stolen or damaged personal property items in your rental. Most apartments and landlords out there only purchase coverage for the actual dwelling of the building, which leaves the responsibility of your belongings up to you.

In order to protect your belongings against fire, theft, or other damages, you will need to purchase your own Florida renters insurance policy somewhere like

What else will this policy cover?

A renters policy will cover all of your personal belongings in the event of power surges, water damages, fire, smoke damage, and theft. Keep in mind this type of policy will not cover you against flooding, earthquakes, mudslides, and etc.

You will have a set limit of coverage based on your policy. If you own anything that is very expensive such as an engagement ring you should think about purchasing additional coverage for it. This additional coverage is usually inexpensive to add on to your policy.

Loss of use is also covered according to this site. This means if your rental becomes uninhabitable, this will cover your hotel, food, and other expenses. Liability coverage will provide you coverage for bodily injury and property damage that were caused due to negligence.

Now that you know the importance of Florida renters insurance, why not look into purchasing a policy? The protection provided by this policy is a must have for renters. Protect your belongings today.